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Back in the saddle again

In early 2012 WebKit's lead developer had the opportunity to work on a huge project for Savory Spice Shop and we teamed up with a local company to have them take over the majority of our hosting clients.  This put most of our work on hold and we were not taking new clients.  The project involved building their website, a custom cash register system, a backend inventory system, a nationwide loyalty program, a new responsive-desgin website, and an intranet.

Effective mid 2014 we are once again available for new projects and look forward to working with you!  

Please note:  in the 2.5 years since we partnered with the other local company many of the sites listed in our portfolio have changed.  The portfolio will stay up to showcase what was up when we worked on the represented sites.

Gloroso Jewelry

7/06/19, at 3:43 AM Please visit my site too

pezra ezra

12/31/17, at 6:21 AM
i love it

makon lewis

7/18/16, at 5:00 AM

1/01/15, at 6:16 AM
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