Savory Spice Shop Cash Register

Custom Functions and Interface

A long summer of work with our partners at IdeaSource has produced the new and custom touchscreen cash register system for Savory Spice Shop.  Savory Spice Shop is a Denver spice company with four corporate locations with a national vision as they add franchises across the country!

They were dissatisfied with their old off-the-shelf point-of-sale system and leveraged us to build them a custom register for use with the ShopKeep system.  

We sat down with co-owner Janet and trainer Kate and produced a working wireframe model of how the system should work.  A couple months later the product we produced was 95% similar with a few extra enhancements added to round it out!

Savory's Fort Collins location opened on Aug 25 with this new register and they are thrilled.  The system was completely customized to their needs and it's smooth sailing at the cash register!

If you have the need, or have clients who are looking for a smarter POS system, contact Steve Miller at IdeaSource, 303-666-4604 for a quick review to see if we might be able to help or email Steve at


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This is my first visit to your blog, your post made productive reading, thank you.
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