Ehrenwerks Partnership

Improving our customer service offerings

WebKit is pleased to announce that effective 4/15/2012 we are now in a partnership with Ehrenwerks Media.  Ehrenwerks has been around since 1993 and prides itself on customer service and prompt communication.  WebKit is excited to add a few front-facing people to the team!

Eherenwerks will be taking over customer service, billing and server management and will also be adding a couple of developers to the team in Ryan Elmendorf and Phil Kent.  Dan Chick will continue to be a part of the development team but will no longer function in sales or direct support. Cassandra Narburgh will continue to manage our financial accounts.

Kurt and Amanda will become your account managers and first point of contact for service and support needs.  Please feel free to contact them by email ( or phone at 303-664-4767.  They have already spoken to many of you and look forward to meeting the rest!  Please also direct financial questions and development requests through Kurt and Amanda and they will make sure the request is handled by the appropriate available resource.

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